Changing Weather Patterns – A Wise Insight!

changing weather patterns 1

Mindful observation in day to day living can actually take one into the depths of wisdom which is right here in this moment for each one of us to experience.
Sometimes life forces you into a situation where you may not be left with any other choice than to be an observer. While this may seem too harsh, it depends if you really want to grab on to this as an opportunity and make the most out of it.
Being ill and having no choice but to rest it out was my recent forced situation. In hindsight this was the best time for me. No, I did not think of it this way when I was on that bed praying to get well soon. All I did then was, get carried away by the volcano of emotions and mood-swings and most times succumb to the tactics of my monkey- mind.
Silence is an instant step up that can take you into the realm of wisdom and that is what I decided to maintain after about 4 days of being victimized by my mind’s chaotic madness.
Stepping into the silence led me to ‘mindful’ observation. As I would sit near my window sill and look outside, I noticed the changing weather patterns. Sometimes it would be dark and gloomy making me feel depressed, sometimes the breeze and the drizzles outside would unknowingly make me smile and sometimes my heart would yearn to see the sunlight and feel the warmth.
In all of this observation, there was my ‘Eureka’ moment! This moment led me to see that emotions are nothing more than changing internal weather patterns.
I definitely do not have any control over these changing weather patterns but I have control on how I can respond to them. However, it is so easy to mix feelings with behavior. Unless, there is stillness within, to be able to distinguish former from the latter is almost impossible.
All feelings and emotions fade over time unless they are re-stimulated and it only makes sense to re-stimulate positive feelings v/s the negative emotions.
Anger, guilt and fear are just the flavors in life that help us walk towards peace, fulfillment and anchor in faith. And this is absolutely natural. While you have no control over these emotions, you and I can definitely influence them.
It is about looking at life moment to moment. You cannot cease the day but can only cease the moment in these constantly changing internal weather patterns.

May you cease your moment with love, grace and peace!

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