101 Ways to Transform Your Life : Thought 11

thought 11
 Thought 11: ‘Lighten your material world today. share them with others and give away  all that you don’t use. Unburden your soul with all that you don’t need”

“As is above, so is below”, ‘As is within, so is outside’. All of this wisdom brings forth to our conscious mind that all our circumstances, liking, disliking, cravings, aversions are a reflection or a manifestation of all that is going on within.

 While the only way one can change things on the outside are by bringing the changes inside and in the way you think and believe.

However, every physical action is a gateway to start a journey of awareness that can take one into the realm of wakefulness. The consequence of this awareness is that everything on the outside begins to change.

We are influenced with the choices we make as a societal dogma or symbol of various things especially the two most avenues that govern the society today; which are ‘success’ and ‘power’. This is especially in reference to the material needs that one feels the need for.

There is nothing wrong with ensuring this material fulfillment for one’s needs or likings but most of the time people tend to acquire things as a status symbol in the society. One of the most common things about such acquirement is that people don’t even seem to use it.

These things just seem to be lying in the garage, store house or cupboard etc. These are an epitome of all the emotions and stories/ memories that we seem to keep in our mind without actually any the need of it.

No thought is rent free and each thought is an investment. Hence it is important that at regular intervals of our life that we remove all that which is only occupying space in our lives and our homes. We must look to lighten our self.

Lightening our self will only ensure a more joyful experience and make us feel complete as a being, just as we have been designed in the eyes of the divine.

This can be a long journey by itself but like they say journey of miles begins with one step at a time. This step could be as small as starting to give away all that you don’t need.

Share them with others as you lighten your material world today and unburden your soul with all that you don’t need.

Experience the abundance today as ‘Abundance is letting go to make space for the NEW.’

A tribute the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer,                                                                    J’adore Interpretation

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