Lies of Your Mind or Truth of Your Soul

Is sincerity of the intent never enough to cross over the bridge that can take us to where we want to be?

The answer would be a Yes! However, this very sincerity of the intent demands you to walk that unseen path within. It is when you accept to walk on this unseen path within; it eventually allows you to you cross over that bridge. The bridge that you assumed would take you to your desired shore.

But to one’s surprise, sometimes this assumed bridge may not lead you to the shore but on a crossroad instead. Where this crossroad is designed with a purpose to help you see things ‘As It Is’, away from the defilements of the mind. These defilements are born from experiences of the past, unconscious observations and opinions of others that you have imbibed in yourself every moment of your existence.

In other words a crossroad is an opportunity to eradicate the lies of the mind and transcend further into the truth of the soul.

Unless these defilements are seen as the lies of the mind, acknowledged in its true sense, you end up moving to and fro on that crossroad and never really choosing that path which will take you further in the realms of the truth.

The lies of the mind are thoughts that convince you of not being good enough or not being able to do your best or at the same time the ‘I know it all’ kinds of self –talks where there is no end to it. It is like a monkey that keeps jumping from one branch to the other. In short you are not living as a ‘full- being’.

Before you step forward you need to embrace this lie just ‘as it is’ and eventually eradicate these from their roots. The battle at the crossroad is within and it can be conquered by being an observer to these lies of the mind and not by being a participant in it. So, either you stand still on the bridge, walk back or move forward to conquer this battle that is custom- designed for you on this journey to help you transcend over to the other side.

It is at this transition that you get glimpses into the truth of the soul. This soul is the freedom that is so alive and flourishing beyond the earthly entrapments.

No, this does not demand one to renounce all the earthly responsibilities; it only means that you live more joyously and freely without the defilements of the mind that exists in form of judgments, craving or aversion. This space is difficult to define. However, it is the most joyously balanced state of existence that one experiences when you transcend from the lies of the mind to the truth of the soul.

May all beings experience this truth!





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