In Search of truth we shall encounter falsity!


Worry is an illusion. It is that falsity which demands us to believe in the very power that is not us. When we give in to ourselves, when we give up on things that are on the path to discovery of our purpose, we are living that falsity.

Why it is that in the moments of realizations we fail to accept the collapse of our beliefs; the very same collapse that will bring out the truth that has been waiting to be discovered.

Why is there an attachment to this futility when the very purpose was to acknowledge the falsity and get closer to our core of existence?

Why is that we try to fit ourselves in the laws of this material world, where everything is eventually mortal and that which exists beyond the mortality is never valued enough?

Why is that inspite of knowing about this entrapment we find it difficult to free ourselves?

Why is it that the fight seems futile and battle field an enclosure?

Why does our spirit that decided to take up this challenge of living life and everything that comes with it, want to free itself and from what?

Why does the source feel itself at the mercy of the resources that can be created and are truly created by our self?

Is this called encountering the falsity before we reach and discover the truth that lies within?

I am in search of this truth surmounting every mount of falsity laid along my way.

Are you on this journey too?


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