You are the Light

you are light

Lot of times a very lamely uttered statement may leave a deep imprint on your mind that tests the soul’s strength to erase them. The words are enveloped in the euphoric aura of authority either out of admiration or out of fear with which it was established.

We will always be there on the either sides of the shore, sometimes being a listener and most other times the deliverer. You may consciously acknowledge today the truth of these words not from the realm of your mind but from the strength of your soul. The knowing of this truth will then lead you to be the one that lives from the premise of compassion even when you encounter imperfections. So let the universal inspiration flow through you with as much purity as it transcended from the skies to reside in the wisdom of your spirit.

Let there be acknowledgement and acceptance and let there be the vibe of peace in every confrontation than that of war and destruction, defense and unacceptance.

Let the actions be driven through the ‘light’ of the Higher power and let the spirit recreate the experience of the heavens here on earth.

Let your words be the one that adds to the brightness and greatness of the follow being rather than instilling in him the insecurities to fight back.

And then for those who listen, let the wisdom of the soul speak loud enough for the mind to deny the imprints which eventually requires to be replaced.

Be the Light to inspire and not to reveal the intensity of the darkness around; because the brightness of the light has nothing to do with the darkness around. It is all within!


YOU are the Light!!!!

May You shine brighter each day of  year 2016

May You experience the Miracles of living in 2016

May You be the Peace

May You be the Harmony

May You be the Joy

May You be the Abundance

May You be the Smile

Because YOU are that Light!


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