3 Biggest Illusions Of Life

‘Get Real’ this is one of those things that we often hear enough for us to believe that dreams don’t come true.

Change is inevitable. However, the acceptance to this change can help us realize and fight what I call as illusions of life.

As Noam Chomksy so aptly says, “If we choose, we can live in a world of comforting illusion”. In the present scenario, where we have more and easy access, enough and more examples to create and re- write our life, our achievements, we choose to believe in the concept of scarcity and to be real.

Today, the world needs more of the dreamers that do things,but most of us choose to comfort ourselves in these illusions of life. I would like to share some of these illusions that I have realized on my journey.

Risk: This is one of those illusions which stop most of us from embarking on our journey of something that each one of us is passionate about. Risk is something that we take upon each day. We signed up for this risk, when we choose to be born again. When we can live through this risk each day of our life, with the most unshakable faith that we will be blessed with the next breath and the next, then what is it that actually stops us from living what we love doing. What prevents us from believing that we shall not have enough skills, resources and many of these to achieve all that we desire?

Fear: Once we decide to fight the first obstacle, the illusion of risk, we are embraced by the next. I call it Fear. A voice that ensures stories of failures and self incapability from the time we showed up some courage to take this voyage of pursuing our passion.
The only way I could fight this is by reminding myself that there is another little voice that beats through the rhythm of my heart and says, “Get up again”. Courage is that beat which is anchored right into our soul. We must allow ourselves to hear it enough.

Failure:  As we move ahead fighting our fears, here comes this illusion called failure. It seems, as if, we are being taken away from our desired destination bringing in disparity, disappointment and displeasure. It is during this time, that we must look closely enough.
This is an illusion taking us away from the lessons we must learn so that we can welcome our accomplishments. The only way I could combat this illusion is to put forth the vision that made me embark on this journey at the very first place.This vision is surely more powerful than the age old illusion called failure.

The master appears when the student is ready. It is when we show that courage on each step of our journey, our path is blessed with the knowledge that we require to make things happen. During these times we must always remember that, ‘The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance but illusion of knowledge’, beautifully described by Daniel J. Booristin.

So if your mind reverberates with these, it’s time to look deeper and smear the dust, get rid of the illusions and embrace the accomplishments that you have decided to write for yourself!

 Albert Einstein said, “Reality is a merely a illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”  So let’s have designed realities in our life.
Designed reality is success; it is beyond illusion and never a coincidence.

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