3 Reasons why I believe that vulnerability is a strength


Psychologists over ages and renowned researchers have shared that vulnerability is a strength and not a weakness.  But as Neale Donald Walsh aptly says, “Words may help you understand something. Experience allows you to know”. Unless one experiences truth in its completeness, it is difficult to imbibe the fact that has presented itself.

Brene’ Brown, famous author, researcher and a storyteller has beautifully shared about vulnerability. She says, ‘You can’t get to courage without walking through vulnerability’.  However, for a very long time, I chose to believe it otherwise. I saw vulnerability as a weakness, something that is a trait of timidity. I shied away from being my authentic self behind the veil of false confidence and it was a surely a fast-track road leading to building up unhealthy self- esteem.  But after years of self –work, I began to realize that nothing is more important than embracing the truth of who you are and most importantly just the way you are at that moment. Life is a growing up process and each moment brings with itself an opportunity to become better and explore this possibility every single time.

Human life is the most precious gift one can be blessed with. Each one of us is planted consciously at a place and in given circumstances that will allow us the best environment to grow and explore the highest human potential.

However, the clarity to understand the above gets clouded in the web of thoughts that are socially imposed and based on derivatives of fear. So, here are 3 things that I discovered which helped me understand vulnerability as strength.

  1. It pushes you out of your pre-set comfort zone: I would like to see comfort zone as something that holds you back from exploring your full potential at that moment. Living in comfort zone comes from innate resistances that one develops over a lifetime or many, which create a veil of illusions and curbs one’s potential to grow. It often breeds complacency, and over a prolonged period of time, it may even breed unhealthy emotions of fear, malicious intent and so on. But vulnerability pushes you out of your pre-set comfort zone. It pushes you out to look beyond ‘right’ and ‘wrong’; ‘should’s’ and ‘should not’s’. It pushes you to look at things ‘As It is’. It brings you into the present moment and nudges you into practicing awareness.
  2. Vulnerability demands surrender: Yes, it demands surrender; surrender to whatever shows up in the ‘now’ and with an innate belief that whatever shows up at the moment is for a purpose. A purpose that is eventually driving you to be your very best; to reach out to the depths of your existence. And this is ever- expansive in its nature and ‘all – inclusive’.
  3. It opens up gateways beyond your conscious mind: Vulnerability is a language of the mind that connects you to the dimensions of your subconscious and beyond. In absolute stillness, it reveals you your innate strengths. Strengths that are rooted in human consciousness and beyond. Strengths, when used, can set you on your path to Freedom from various defilements of your minds like fear, greed, and many other derivatives of these emotions. They help you walk your path and fill yourself with more of love, compassion, and appreciation for your own self and others. You begin to understand that each of us is connected in the cosmic web of creation. The paths may be different for each one but the eventual destination of freedom is the same.


Some may consciously acknowledge their path to freedom, but many seem to discover it when they start living their purpose and start walking their quest.


The journey of thousand miles begins with a small step and so, for me embracing my vulnerability and looking at it as one of my strengths for the first step in my quest.


May you be guided to walk your path, live with passion and breathe in courage as you set yourself up to discovering your innate strengths. When you live from your strengths, you inspire others to see and do the same. Eventually, we are all mirrors to one another, reflecting our self in the other.


(P.s: I have been hesitant before to share my above artwork – Happy Hippo art, but now I am ready to share it just the way it is. Share a part of you today and inspire others to do the same.)


Encounter with the language of nature

“And into the forest, I go to lose my mind and find my soul…”

Nature is one of the most powerful teachers and if you are willing to take that leap of faith and dive deep into journeying within, and then there is no better teacher than nature herself. The beauty of nature and each of its elements is that they ‘just be’. They contribute themselves and serve by being themselves, just the way they are and believe in flourishing together.

Nature is a gateway that can help transcend the dualities that we live in and the illusions that we believe in. And on transcending them, you reach an avenue that breathes ‘love’, ‘compassion’ and appreciation for all, ‘As It Is’.

I love this quote by Donald Miller who said, “All the trees are losing its leaves and not one of them is worried”. Changing weather patterns may seem just like any other phenomena that we have got used to, but in these, there is an innate wisdom that can help us remove the veil of illusions that we keep living.

Each one of us has the magnificence within us and it is the magnificence that can help us connect with the benevolence of nature and experience our own expansiveness beyond mind and matter. It touches dimensions that mind may not be able to comprehend and it breathes liberation ‘to be’ and ‘allow’.

Spending time in nature and breathing its intelligence has always blessed me with some of the most powerful insights which have empowered me to walk my journey with added courage, revived enthusiasm and imbibe some more trick lets of wisdom. I feel nature connects me to the essence of my spirit and inspires me to be my best in the given moment, to live my inspiration and contribute back with a part of me to the ever- growing, ever- expanding benevolent Universe!

May today be the day that you are inspired to take that journey within, walk your path.

This Earth Day, May you encounter the language of nature – the language of alignment. While it manifests itself in the dimension of ‘cause’ and ‘affect’, May its stillness open up that gateway of wisdom and may you transcend the impurities of the mind to experience compassion and real peace.

Be Happy!


Writings that stir your soul


Many times it does happen that while you are reading a brilliant piece of writing, something just seems to hit at your heart, it feels like something is nudging your soul. I have felt this often with my heart beats racing faster with every moment. It feels like something inside of me is assertive and commanding, “Look at me Now!’

I would like to refer them as ‘writings that stir your soul’. They bring forth an event, an incident or a conversation that is awaiting its closure. And when you read those words, it feels as if the time is ripe and you are ready. You are ready to see it ‘As it is’ without any pre-judgments or any form of bias and all that you are left with is a gratitude in your heart for everything that happened then.

When you find yourself in that space where your heart and mind are not just aligned but they are in complete surrender to the moment, healing happens and closure is achieved.

This complete surrender allows you to see and embrace that moment without prior expectations or attachments. There lies immense power in words you say and words that you write, especially when they have their roots in intent driven by love and compassion.

Of the many authors that I have come across Priya Kumar’s writings seems to have such an imprint on me. Her stories reflect in them not only her wisdom and humility but also her courage and vulnerability.

So, I hereby, dedicate this article to you with immense gratitude in my heart for stirring up my soul many times and encouraging me to keep walking my quest in your own unique and inspiring way.


(P.S: This is blog is not an affiliate to any links shared. The links shared only connects you to the platform where you could buy the book if you wish to read it. This is my way of expressing gratitude to the authors who have touched my life in a beautiful way)

Spending time in nature is the best remedy for restlessness….


Thoughts can have a tendency to overwhelm you and a web of creation can sometimes be a trap and a delusion. Such times, the restlessness may creep in and it would take enough awareness to come back and ground oneself. One of the best ways to ground yourself would be to spend time in nature.

The trees, the wind, the chirping of the birds, the sound of the waves are not just some random phenomena occurring every single day. They breathe intelligence which touches dimensions that are far beyond than what we, as humans can perceive. Their serenity and wisdom touch many realms and for eons.

When you connect to nature, you connect to your true self.  Nature presents an infinite pool of miracles in itself. It stirs your soul and spirit to connect and recognize the truth that seems to be covered in the layers of delusion.

The strength that nature possesses has the power to heal you from within. The insights from nature can mend your self-esteem and can show you your path to enlightenment; a true path to freedom. There is no end to what all it can offer to the mankind. The question is whether you are ready to receive from it. We, as species have taken this magnificent power for granted even though the existence of mankind is a consequence of nature’s compassion and kindness.

It is the time we reconnect to nature and cleanse ourselves from ill-will, hatred, animosity, and much more.

Take some time out for yourself today, go out for a walk in the park, or on the beach and let your soul wander and align itself to the wisdom that nature is.

Nature is the gateway to the wisdom and wisdom seems to reply in silence.

May your silence be fruitful enough for you to hear the truth,

May your silence gives you the courage to transcend your restlessness,

May your silence today be your true companion walking you to that innate wisdom that you are.

Love, Light & Grace!

Love Yourself

Life can be tough at times. And there is no way one can alter the circumstances or situations or life events that present themselves. But one can surely change or frame an adequate response towards them.

Responding is different from reacting. As the word suggests,‘re-action’, we are only acting out in a way which is more or else auto programmed in our subconscious mind. Most of the times, the premise of these reactions that occur is from fear, anger, ill-will or hatred.

The response, however, is something different. It is independent of the programming or a peculiar habit pattern of our mind. The response is more from free will and choice. The truth is that we can only give all that we have. If we have anger within us that is what we would choose to give from and if we have nothing but compassion and love within then the response will be from the premise of these.

One of the most fundamental things that seem to have been misinterpreted is ‘Loving Yourself’. Loving yourself is not about being selfish or being self-centered. Loving Yourself simply means accepting all that you are and the way you are. Accepting yourself eliminates the need to be accepted by others and hence the actions are not governed by the fear of belongingness; the fear of being an outcast and the fear of loneliness. It is about not having any bias or regrets either for your own strengths or your weakness respectively. It is just about being inclusive of all aspects and owing them without disgrace, disrespect or criticism.

Unless there is acceptance there won’t be a willingness to change or choose without any bias. Everything will be delusional in itself. Change is the only constant thing and the only truth.

When you accept all aspects of yourself, you acknowledge this truth; this truth that is ever-changing from moment to moment. No two moments are the same.  And to experience this truth, it all starts with loving yourself, the way you are and in the ‘Now’. It is in this acceptance in the ‘Now’ that you will move forward in its true sense, detached from the past and peaceful about the future that unfolds.

Loving Yourself is one such powerful tool that can bring forth the truth of your existence and unleash the limitless potential that you are.

So, embrace yourself today and love yourself enough, have a healthy self-esteem and self-worth and go on to radiate that love and compassion all around and for all the realms.


Love, light and grace!